Mindy Bayless: Shoe fitter/Avid Runner

Just as many of the neighboring stores in downtown are winding down for the day, Vertical Runner of Black Mountain gears up for one of the biggest events of the week — The Posse Running Club, which gathers each Wednesday at the store. The Posse is very important for the store as well as the community. It brings people together and forms friendships and connections along the way. Come join us every Wednesday at 6:00 PM for a 3-5 mile run with a pint of beer afterwards.

Wednesday  With The Posse'

5 miles, 6:00 PM Every Wednesday!

​Black Mountain runner Adam Hill runs for the pure joy of the sport, and quickly as well! A father of three tailors Adam's incredible patience and willing to go the extra step to make his customers happy. With over 10 years of shoe fitting experience, coaching, and retail Adam is always a joy to work with. Completing a thru hike of the Appalachian trail, multiple years of his evil concoction "Pitchell 100k" and many underground group runs has put a considerable amount of miles on Adam's feet.   He is also our finest beginner to elite coach.  Whether your  looking to run your first mile or  your fastest marathon Adam  is  there every step of the way. Adam has great personal skills  that  go a long way when working one on one with clients. Come see Adam at Vertical Runner today!

Adrain Boone: Realty, grass slinging, shoe collector

Shaun became an avid distance runner when he turned the age of 19. Only covering a half marathon distance prior to the race, Shaun finished his first 50k on the Buckeye Trail of Ohio. He has been hooked to running on the rugged trails ever since, and with over 50 trail Ultramarathons under his belt, he has the stories to entertain you. Shaun has a large amount of knowledge about running, shoes, nutrition, and the training it takes to go out and enjoy every run. Pope learned his trade at the original Hudson, Ohio Vertical Runner shop while still a student at Kent State University, where he studied zoology. After college Pope pursued the Appalachian Mountains and landed smack in the middle of Black Mountain. A two time  2nd place finisher of the Mt. Mitchell challenge and resident of Black Mountain since 2012 , Shaun feels like a true local here in Black Mountain. Visit Shaun at Vertical Runner Black Mountain today!

Mike Guyer : Event Coordinator

We take pride in what we do. That's why here at Vertical Runner of Black Mountain our staff strives for our customers to be comfortable in the best running shoes there is to offer. During the 12 years since Vertical Runners conception, the VR family has been helping people of all sorts to set goals, work hard, and push their limits. These runners have risen above what they once thought impossible, whether it be completing their first 5k, a marathon or beyond. We supply a wealth of knowledge, products, and produce events in order to cater to every runner's needs. Stop by and check us out on your next voyage through Black Mountain!

Adam Hill aka Mad A​ ​: Expert Shoe Fitter

Originally from Hickory, NC, Mindy has now been a resident of Asheville for several years. Well educated, with a Masters in Public Affairs from WCU, Mindy’s career is her passion: helping other’s achieve their fitness goal. Mindy works full time with YWCA and focuses on inspiring others. When she is not working at the Y, she can be found on the trails or at Vertical Runner. Mindy has taken a liking to Ultra running and has completed multiple ultra marathons in her life time. Mindy is never shy and knows her shoes, nutrition, apparel and running insight like the back of her hand. Be sure to check our Facebook Page as we like to announce “Mindy days” for the pleasure of our customers who appreciate the “Mindy touch”!

Shaun Pope : Owner/Operator 


Meet the Employees you can trust

Where do we start with Boone? He's a realtor, he's a landscaper, Coast Guard Veteran, Railroad man and best of all... A runner! Jack of all trades, Boone loves to live life to the fullest. He's completed the Black Mountain Marathon two years in a row and isn't stopping anytime soon. Realtor for GreyBeard Realty, Boone connects well with folks looking to become part of Black Mountain and surrounding areas. After selling you a house, he can then be your landscaper, a personal business he owns. A veteran to the Coast Guard, Boone keeps things tidy and in order so you know your getting quality advice when it comes to shoes, socks and all other information about running. Visit Boone at Vertical Runner today!

Mike Guyer, living in Black Mountain, NC, uses all of Western North Carolina's rugged peaks as his play ground. He enjoys training and racing on trails and prefers ultramarathons to shorter distances. His accomplishments include trail 100 mile , 100k , 50 mile, and 50k finishes, as well as numerous shorter races. Occasionally he sneaks in a 24hr timed event, at which his best is 94 miles. Guyer is the event director for Vertical Runner in Black Mountain. Mike organizes and promotes races, group runs, and other events associated with Vertical Runner. Race director for both The Black Mountain Monster and L2L2L 10 mile, and more to come makes large part of the local running community. He leads the well know Black Mountain Running Posse, a group that runs weekly. Mike and his wife Kaitlyn have a beautiful daughter named Blair born in September of 2016.  Mike Guyer's future aspirations include running a multi-day event, qualifying for one of the U.S.premier 100 milers, and building an even stronger running community in his home town.